Think about cream cheese, add tons of extra flavour and remove the unhealthy part. Sounds good? Gozo Casheese is what you need to try then.

A delicious cashew-based alternative to cream cheese, made from organic products and free from gluten, dairy, additives and preservatives. A wonderful recipe developed in 2014 by the plant-based food and sustainability advocate Lydia Davinson, who was in love with nut cheese but was unable to find it easily in food stores. Hence, she decided to make her own, and she did it amazingly well!

Far superior to the classic vegan processed, soy-based cheese alternatives and far healthier to the regular cheese. Gozo Casheese is lower in fat, higher in proteins and tastes incredible. So believe us, it’s not just for vegans!

Mixing cashews with herbs and spices, Gozo Deli creates a wonderful range of Casheese flavours to please all palates. The newer Chive, the French Herb, the Smoked Paprika and our favourite…the Basil Pesto (we can’t help it, we are Italians!). All great on their own or mixed with other ingredients to make flavorful recipes. Dip them with crudites, spread them on bread, turn them in sauces or add them to salads. Give them a try, we are totally hooked!



Need some Casheeses cookery ideas? Check out what we put together and visit their website for some more brilliant recipes.

Veggies & French Herbs Casheese Strudel    


Veggies & Paprika Casheese Wraps


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